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Our Junior Coaching Program caters to children of all ages and tennis ability. From those who are picking up a racquet for the first time through to those who are ready to move on from low compression balls, we have something for everyone. 


Group lessons are aligned with the Tennis Australia Hot Shots program and KO Tennis is proud to be a recognised deliverer of this national development pathway. Each course is designed to accommodate an average of six children as this group size fosters a positive and advantageous learning environment.


KO Tennis also hosts several Junior Tournaments throughout the year in order to give junior players practical match play experience amongst players of a similar age and ability.   

See below for a full list of our Junior Coaching services.

To enrol in any of our courses or upcoming junior tournaments, click on the buttons below*.


$30.00 Per Session​ (1.5 Hours)

The Junior Development Squad focuses on maximizing the potential of the child by adding in detailed fitness and match play training to existing on-court training programs.

Squad training is in addition to existing group lessons* and each lesson is designed to take players through intensive on-court drills that will further their match play in competitive environments (e.g. tournaments). Particular emphasis is placed on correct technical stoke development (forehand, backhand, serve & volley) and ensuring players have a strong understanding of all singles and doubles tactical strategies. 


Incorporating a variety of both fun and challenging tennis related activities, the Junior Development Squad will challenge young tennis players to take their performance to another level. 

*Students must be enrolled in an existing group lesson to be eligible to participate in the Junior Development Squad.


$22.00 Per Session (1 Hour)

In alignment with the Tennis Australia Hot Shots tennis program, our Red, Orange and Green groups focus on the development of a child’s basic understanding of the initial elements of tennis such as stroke development and scoring.

Played on smaller courts with modified equipment such as child sized racquets and low compression tennis balls, these groups are a perfect way to introduce children to a sport they can play for the rest of their lives.


Red Groups – 5 to 8+ Years

Orange Groups – 8 to 10+ Years

Green Stage – 9 to 11+ Years

Click Here for more information on the 

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program


$45.00 Per Day

Our school holidays programs are a great idea if you are looking for a fun way to entertain the kids during the break or would like to see them with something aside from a phone or game control in their hands! 

Our programs cater for all ages and skill development including Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball sessions and run from Tuesday to Friday, 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.

There will be a free sausage sizzle for all that attend the Friday session. 

April Holiday Camp

April  2nd - 5th  2024 



$120 Per Term

Designed to complement the various junior coaching sessions on offer, our Friday Night Junior Matchplay sessions allow children to put their skills and understanding of tennis to use in a fun, social setting.


During these sessions, juniors will learn about match play, proper tennis etiquette (on and off the court) and the rules of tennis, scoring and line calling.


A great way to put those weekly lessons into practice before signing up for more challenging competitions!


Subject to Availability

Private Lessons are a great way to fast track a child's learning through one-on-one sessions which are tailored to meet the child's unique development needs. 

Private Lessons are available 6 days a week from early morning to late evenings with our team of experienced coaching professions. 


Member $80 Per Hour  / Non Member $85 Per Hour

Member $45 Half Hour  / Non Member $50 Half Hour

 2 person $50 each Per Hour

3 person $40 each Per Hour

NOTE: Please add $20 to the above price for lesson's with Director/Head Coach Kel

Contact the Pro Shop for more information on our team's availability.

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